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A Book of Prints.

I woke up in the middle of the night with this wonky idea, that I would like to make my art accessible to those whose budgets simply can’t stretch enough to include the purchase of original paintings.  In some cases, even the cost of prints is a stretch.

So what I’m doing is creating a book that includes 25 prints of my work.  The size will be 8.5″ X 11″.  All you’d need to do is remove the ones you like from the book, add matting and a frame, and hang it wherever it suits you and your decor.  Many of these…(Read More.)

Did you know that original paintings can create an emotional
connection between you and your descendants for generations?

Paintings can last for centuries!  This is a colored pencil portrait that I did of a dear friend. I could just as easily do this in oil, or acrylic, or watercolor. Portraits like these can be handed down through the generations, as can paintings of seascapes, landscapes, or anything else.  They can become family heirlooms–very precious treasures to those who inherit them as the decades and centuries go by. In most cases, their monetary value increases as does their sentimental value.

Art is timeless. That’s one of the reasons I love painting.

When I paint, I become part of it, and it becomes part of me. For all time. One thing you can’t do is separate the artist from his/her creations. Some of my paintings have sold to people in faraway places like India, some in the USA, some in Canada, etc., and yet, they will always be part of me. My name will always be painted down there in the right hand corner. My DNA is all over those babies!

My God, I love all art forms! So, here’s what I’ve done to make your browsing experience a bit better:

  • I’ve split my work up into categories (up in the Navigation Menu) so that you can navigate directly to the sort of art you’re interested in viewing.
  • All of my art is for sale unless otherwise stated. If you want to purchase any of my art, or would like me to have prints made for you, please contact me. Prints can be made in many different sizes and that dictates the price but I do try to be reasonable.
  • In addition to portraits, landscapes, seascapes, etc, I do illustrations and graphic (digital) artwork, book covers, and can also do illustrations for children’s books, business card designs, and stuff like that.
  • If you wish to contact me, scroll down to the form below.

Not all of my paintings are shown here because there are really just too many.

I also do commission work, so please connect with me if you’d like to have something painted. I mostly work from photos, unless you instruct me to “use my imagination.”


“An artist makes visual the rhythms and arrhythmias of the universe.” ~Terri Guillemets


As I said, I’m also an author, and you can find some of my published works here.

Thanks so much!


Ziana de Bethune.


“The Lighthouse.” Latest Project. FOR SALE. Acrylic on canvas (matting and frame not included) $350 USD, plus $35 shipping. Contact me if interested.

“Art — if it makes you feel something, I’ve done my job.”