My writing career launched with “Persistence Pays,” in 1992, which was released by Kensington Publishers, after a few years of utter failures, rejection form-letters, and near-misses. My work has been translated into several languages and published worldwide. Since then, I’ve published numerous books in the genres of Fiction, Non-fiction, Self-help, and Educational, as well as numerous articles for writers’ magazines, and other online magazines and blogs. More recently, I’ve been asked for filming rights for one of my books.

I’ve taught writing at workshops and seminars, and have mentored a number of now-published authors.


My Books:


“The Baron’s Daughter. “

Genre: Fiction. Historical Romance.



In an effort to find a back door into the French King’s favor, the ever-conniving Baron Mario de Medici sends his daughter, Viola, off to France to entice Count Gabriel Xavier into marriage. While marrying anyone is the last thing she wants, Lady Viola has her own reasons for going along with this scheme – a dark, coveted secret that she has been protecting since her first jaunt to France, five years prior. A child had been born unto her then, a daughter she has never seen or held, under the most secretive, immoral circumstances. Viola will do anything, legal or illegal, to get her back. If going along with the Baron’s underhanded scheme will facilitate her return to France, so be it.


Count Gabriel, a bitter widower, and rough-edged Warlord does not want anything to do with the Baron’s evil plot to undermine Cosimo, his long-time Italian friend and alliance – and he especially does not want another damn wife. The last one tried to poison him. His trust for any Medici except Cosimo is next to nothing, and that applies to the very enticing Lady Viola as well. This woman is up to something, and he knows it. He feels it. But the more time he spends with her the harder he falls. The deeper she peers into the heart of this rough-edged Warlord the more she sees every reason to trust him—but she can’t. She must never let the stark light of truth fall upon her dark, tainted past, and yet she cannot quit until she is reunited with her long-lost child. And so begins the mutually acceptable vow to love, honour…and distrust.

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“Author-ize Me! The Self-publisher’s Desktop Mentor.

Genre: Non-fiction/Educational/Self-help.


Author-ize Me! by Ziana de Bethune.

Thirty-plus years of writing experience and knowledge is packed between these covers. If there is a story trapped within you that you have always wanted to write, Athor-ize Me will show you how to release it.

Contents include, (but not limited to) Motivation, Outline, Synopsis, Research, Front-End Loading, Layering, Character Development, Step-by-Step Plotting, Imagery and Setting, Pivotal Scenes, The Point of No Return, Tag Lines, Forshadowing, and much more.

This book, in its former “life,” was named, “Write YOUR Book.” It was highly praised as one of the most comprehensive and informative books written on the subject.  In fact, it has been used in schools in the USA, by teachers who wanted to teach creative writing to their students. Since its first release in 2005, it has been greatly added to, and expanded upon, to grow into what it is today.






“If you are just writing your first book or attempting NaNoWriMo for the first time, this book should be read before (in my opinion).”

“In easy to follow language and examples, Ms. de Bethune concisely covers everything a budding author needs to know…”


Harps & Violins: Co-authored with Anthony Bodden (Scriptwriter for the cult classic movie, “Belly.”)

Genre: Non-fiction/Inspirational.


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Based on a true story:

Tough love was the name of the game. Syn and Malik Samuels got more than their share of that from their Dad. David Samuels Sr. was a caged lion — a product of the Panther Party at a time when the air was saturated with hatred for blacks. He put a lot of bite into his dogs and made them fight each other for practice. What he didn’t realize was that someday, one of his dogs would bite back.

At seventeen, Syn was at the top of his game. Like his Dad, he grew into a big, beautiful chunk of black onyx — hard as stone, and determined to be king. Taking everything he had learned from his father, Syn earned his ‘rep as a bad-assed gang leader, building his own modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah in the ‘hood, in Queens, N.Y. On that inner-city battlefield, he miraculously found what he believed was the perfect wife, one who was not of the hood-rat variety. He was wrong. She broke his heart in every conceivable way.

Frustrated and angry, he sank deeper into a life of crime until a fatal, head-on collision took the life of his best friend, and his own, too. He crashed. He died. He saw the Inconceivable and the Unbelievable. He was held accountable.


He returned to earth, facing the most difficult battle of his life — a brain-damaged unit struggling to  redefine himself, while trapped in the same surroundings that had caused his death.

Harps & Violins. A story of redemption.


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“A wonderful bowl of emotional soup – love & hate, light & dark, soft vs hard! It’s a must read for the enlightened SOUL!Let me tell you wo a doubt, Harps & Violins is not GREAT but AMAZING! For those who enjoyed movies like WARRIORS, GODFATHER, GLORIA & books like The Coldest Winter Ever, Mama’s Girl, or the feeling you get when you heard Public Enemy, NWA, Erik B & Rakim, Marvin Gaye & Smokey Robinson with the realness you feel when you see a Romare Bearden painting. This is a prequel to BELLY!

“From beginning to end, I could hardly put it down…his story of redemption and grace is beautiful.” ~ Justin R.

“My plan was to start reading this book today, I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to put it down. I read the whole book in one sitting and could have kept right on reading! The story is captivating, riveting and so raw; but the authors tell it beautifully!  ~ Patti H.

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Genre: Vampire/Adventure. Historical.  Fiction.
(To be made into a feature film.)

Vampires…As You’ve Never Seen Them Before. 1339. BC. They were asps, disguised in human skins, their primary food source: Human blood. They were the Men and Women of Naja Haje, the forerunners of the vampires we know today. 1452 A.D. France. The Pure, the Evil, and the Equalizer emerge as The Unholy Trinity, locked into a deadly game of strategy where no holds are barred. When the moral compass is shot to Hell, the Seven Deadly Sins begin to look like minor infractions. Corrupt passions and lust for power collide when a rival with a secret vendetta, leading a band of renegade blood drinkers—the New Breed—is on a mission to tear down the infrastructure of a system that has been in place since their creation. Valantinus, Governor of the damned, enforces order with brutality. Vengeance sets an already blackened heart aflame as those he trusts are slain, or shift their alliances to Golden Mask—the vampire with no face—his immortal enemy.




“The genre needed an infusion of ‘new blood’ and Ziana de Bethune delivers with a fresh look at the world of blood-drinkers and the dynamics of their society. Smart stuff…without losing the fun of a vampire story!”  ~ Oscar winner and Filmmaker, James Parris.

“Valantinus is cold-blooded, calculating…one of the most interesting and compelling vampire creations since Blade.” ~ Michael Buffalo Smith. Musician, Vocalist, Writer.  Ambassador of Southern Rock.

“I couldn’t help nodding in assent when she describes how these vampires function, breed, and survive. It just makes sense.” ~ Dr. William Holstein, MD, Ph.D, FRCPath, UK.

“Dark and frightening, but you can’t help turning pages because it’s so compelling.” ~ Don Wallace, Actor, Scriptwriter, Director.

“Bloody, evil…sexy. I can see it as a movie.”  ~ Anthony Bodden, Scriptwriter.

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Genre: Mainstream. Fiction. Period Piece.

A note about this book: I wrote this before the “Black Lives Matter”  movement. How it came into being was that one day, while surfing the internet, I stumbled quite by accident, upon a site that showed, in all of it’s horrors, images of the lynching incidents that had gone on “down south,” decades ago. I quite literally became sick. Physically ill. I began to research this dark period in the history of the USA, and was appalled. No human being ought to be treated that way.


A year or so later, my intuition whispered that something was boiling underneath the surface of humanity’s skin.  I feared that if we didn’t wake up, and very soon, we would devolve back into the horrific, historically tragic era when African American’s were so very badly treated. I wondered what I could do, if anything. So I decided to write this book.  The characters are fictional, but the setting and time period is based on truth. This is the only political statement that I’ve publicly made, in the form of fictional writing–a reminder of how bad things were, and how bad they could become again if we were not very careful.


And then–it happened. All hell broke loose “down south,” and it seemed as if all of the bigots flung their closet doors open and came out.  A sad, scary time. We’re still living this, after all.  Please read it. Thank you.



What would you do?

1941. After spending a year at a prestigious finishing school in New York City, Grace Watts, a spoiled plantation princess, returns to Savannah, to discover that her entire world is in peril. Her family’s fortune has been wiped out, her dream of becoming a journalist dies, and her parents’ marriage is on the rocks. In all the kerfuffle, someone left a closet door open, and the skeletons are getting restless. Her sunshine-and-lollipops existence swiftly plunges into a dark, secretive hell, and there’s nobody she can turn to.

While those she once trusted are “unavailable,” or using her to promote their own agendas, she finds solace in the arms of Elijah King, a beautiful, black man employed by her father. Grace was raised to believe that segregation was perfectly acceptable, and that “colored folk” were the inferior race, but as she begins to see the world through the eyes of this wise, intelligent man, her beliefs are turned upside-down on their heads. Elijah not only challenges her mind, but sets her heart on fire.


If the whole world, and the law, aren’t enough obstacles standing between them, there’s Charles Trumaine, a powerful millionaire who always gets what he wants, no matter what the cost. He’s not above playing very, very dirty to get it. With Grace’s family facing ruin, Charles knows the deck is stacked in his favor. One little “I do,” will solve all their problems.

The choice is hers: Love…or money?




“Thank you for getting this story so very right. This is a story of love, family, and no matter what color you are, it wins in the end. It’s rare that when you read a period piece that it’s done right” ~ Amazon customer.

“This book kept me turning the pages…I must say the author had my mouth open “catching flies” throughout the book!!” ~ Spring. Amazon customer.

“A real page turner. I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Janet Sanders.  Amazon customer.

.”You will be immediately engrossed in this story from the first chapter to the last word…and what an ending. Her manner of writing is such that you feel you are actually there.” ~ Phil Robinson, Author.

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NOTE: “The Covenants” coming soon.